Online gambling keeps witnessing more people turning to various online casino platforms to play games. Most people have found online casinos as a safe alternative to the populated mortar and brick casino, having comfort in playing casinos at any time of the day. And these online casinos have more games and offers for players. With a single CasinoChan login, you will see the different categories of games with diverse varieties of games available on casinos. If you are thinking of using an online casino, you might be wondering how and where to get started and things to consider before making a final choice. The first thing in this aspect is proof that the casino is legitimate. How do you get to know a legit online casino? This will be made known here.

How to spot legit online casinos

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There are many suspicious and harmful casinos on the internet that if proper attention is not given to venting this site, players might fall prey and risk their money and vital information on these sites. But with this information, you will be able to stay off such illegal casino sites.

Account registration requirements

While registering in an online casino that involves wagering with real cash, legit casinos make their new players undergo two-phase registration. After the first registration phase with the casino, the second phase will require players to deposit. Some personal information will be required to verify the gamer’s identity for safety. And it is always required through an encrypted means. Casinos that use unencrypted means to get such information or ask for the information the second time when a gamer wants to withdraw is not a legit site.


Reviews say a lot about casinos, either from gamers or other casino review sites. A legitimate site should have reviews about its site and be more positive. However, illegitimate online casinos won’t have reviews about them. Check different websites to ensure that the review is real and not manipulated.

Beware of free offers

Offers are good ways online casinos attract more players to their sites. As good as it is, players should exercise some caution when presented with huge and mouth-watering offers. Some of these casinos are illegitimate, using bonuses to lure new players. It is better to go for a casino with fair deals for its members.

Check the license certificate

A legit online casino must have a license certificate. This license certificate is proof that the casino is legitimate and legal to operate and not involved in the fraudulent exercise. Most online casinos always have this certificate on display on their sites. Those that don’t ask for it before creating an account. If the casino is not licensed, do away from such.


In players’ best interest, creating an account with a legitimate online casino is best. You won’t have anything to worry about with the casino. The gaming software on the casino, the payment means, the rankings of the casino sites, and other factors should also be looked into to confirm that the casino is legit.

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