This applies to work, leisure or even gambling, which is offered by many online casinos legal. We would like to take a look at the typical player behaviour before and after the virus quarantine.

What has changed?

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Certainly for many of us the worst were the first months of the pandemic, where between March and May 2020 we had to deal with many fears, strict restrictions. Today, we may have forgotten some of that, but it is easy to remember the long queues at supermarkets with a limited number of customers inside, the ban on walking in parks or forests. And then, of course, there is remote working, which has significantly changed our way of life. Many people were used to getting up at a certain time every day and commuting to the office. Despite the fact that several months have passed, many of us still work from home. Another change has been in our shopping habits. We are now much more likely to shop online, whether for clothes, everyday items, or even to order food to take home. Our travel has also been reduced to a great extent.

For parents, the general quarantine time is also quite a challenge. Most pupils had to stay at home, and it was only later that real online learning began to be introduced. This made family time, especially with children, a lot different.

What about gambling?


We can’t forget that during the quarantine period, online gaming broke records in popularity. Some of them were network shooters such as CS:GO or Fortnite, others – League of Legends or Among Us. Gambling began to enjoy huge success. Since for some time bookmaker bets were not available due to completed or suspended games, many people chose gambling games. Indeed, a list of casinos is available, which expanded even further during the pandemic.

Players before the pandemic usually used casinos in their spare time, when they could fire up roulette or slots on their computer or smartphone during a break at work, on their way to and from work on their phone or simply in the evening. Even then it was a very comfortable solution. However, during and after the quarantine, the style of the game changed a little. Let’s not hide, but a lot of people working from home are not under the full control of their employers. This means that no one is looking over their shoulder, checking what they are doing at the moment. And for this reason, a lot of people have also started to play during work. After all, it is possible to carry out one’s duties on a computer screen and, in the meantime, to play poker or slot machines on a telephone. Of course we do not support such behaviour, but it has become quite common.

So here we have one of the main behaviours that has changed after the quarantine, namely, more time spent gaming during working hours. However, it should also not be forgotten that the overall time for gaming has increased significantly. Before the pandemic, it was much more common to go out of the house to the city, to the cinema, to restaurants, to clubs. For months this was impossible or very difficult. All this meant that we gained much more free time at home. This, in turn, was used by a large group of players to spend even more time in casinos or at online bookmakers. We should also not forget that the lack of expenses connected with leaving home and travelling has led to an increased household budget. Even a large group of players has therefore decided to bet more money on roulette, slots or sports betting.

A significant change has also occurred in the psyche of those who have played or are still playing. Previously, excess emotions or stress could be relieved in the gym or at a party. During the quarantine period, it was impossible, so online games became such a place. Of course, this has positive aspects, but also negative, because in the case of failure, even more anger, negative emotions accumulate in a person.

So as you can see, the quarantine has affected not only our daily life, behaviour, but also our approach to gambling. Many online casinos have recorded record profits, more have opened, and bookmaking companies, after the initial crisis, have also started to benefit from the fact that many people do not leave their homes and are more willing to bet on gambling. However, the behaviour of the gambler before and after the quarantine has not changed fundamentally. It is more a case of more free time, other opportunities to gamble online, a change in attitude towards casinos and bookmakers themselves.

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