Here are three simple steps to placing a bet on an Android device:

Get A Decent Smartphone And Install The Latest Version On Android So

Get a phone with the biggest and best screen you can afford. Even if you’re only betting on sports and the graphics aren’t necessarily of interest to you, it’s much better to see if you have a picture of the quality of the Oppo Find 7 or LG G3. You don’t need to buy a $700 phone to bet on sports, but a display that you feel comfortable looking at every day during betting season.

Have a Stable Internet Connection


If you intend to do most of your betting at home, make sure your Wi-Fi is working well. The same goes at your work, at your friend’s house, at the local pub, and wherever else you feel like placing your bets. You don’t need a very fast Internet connection to bet on sports via Android, but you do need a stable connection.

Open a Mobile Bookmaker Account

Any bookmaker website worth your attention is already operating a mobile site, an app, or both. In fact, if you find a bookmaker that doesn’t offer mobile sports betting, it’s best to keep your distance. Mobile is the thing of the moment and everyone is offering it.

Android Betting Advantages


It’s easy to explain – anywhere you take your Android device (and has a web connection) becomes a sportsbook. Most sites nowadays allow you to run all account functions from your mobile device. You may never want to access your sports betting site on a new laptop again. Pro tip – if you’ve never been somewhere and heard something that gave you an idea for a bet, you haven’t bet for a long time.


Unlike Apple products, Android devices are immune to the kinds of restrictions that make betting on sports difficult. If you live in the United States, for example, you are not allowed to download any real-money betting apps on your iPhone or iPad. Android has no such limits. If you prefer mobile-friendly website apps, Android is the right choice.

Disadvantages of Android Betting

Limited Features

Switching from a standard sports betting site to a mobile site or even a fancy betting app will have a big impact. Most services limit the functions and features of their mobile apps and sites to fit on smaller mobile phone displays and operate using limited hardware resources. This is no longer big news, as it was when mobile betting sites and apps were first launched, and their technology is getting better. In a few years, we may no longer be talking about the limited resources of mobile devices.

Smaller Displays

I have yet to see an Android phone with a screen that can compete with a laptop in terms of size. In the world of betting sites and apps, size matters – it’s simply easier to see the list of markets and the bets and other options on a larger screen. As Android phones and tablets get bigger and bigger, this is becoming less of an issue too. The best Android phones have incredibly clear, nearly six-inch (15.24 cm) screens. This is another disadvantage that may not exist in the near future.

Android Betting Conclusion

phone app

Sports betting on Android is part of a larger trend of accessing all things mobile. Web 3.0 is an increasingly social environment, but it is also shifting in the direction of all things mobile. Smartphones and tablets are not just the most visible status symbols – they are technology at work at the forefront of the mobile and web industry.

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