Yes the improbable happened and they discovered a magic formula that allows all of them to make money consistently and regularly.

I know it sounds like a fantasy but let’s imagine this scenario for the sake of argument. However, strangely enough these people decide not to make money from the discovery of this formula. Yes, they decide to make money selling courses supposedly teaching others this magic formula.

That is, instead of applying this discovery and making money they decide to create course structures, do those digital marketing courses that teach how to sell on the internet, record videos, texts, advertise on facebook and on several other sites trying to sell this magic formula to make money.

These people who supposedly found a way to sustain themselves with this money tree decide to spend their lives on sites and social networks trying hard to sell their courses. Does that sound reasonable to you?

No, it doesn’t. Well, this is the scenario we are observing on the online sports trading courses. Supposedly these masters that could get rich with their winning methods, decided to get rich ripping money from you selling courses to teach you how to get rich.

More than that. They desperately try to get you to register on their betting exchange through their links generating income for them every time you bet. I have nothing against advertising or publicizing partnerships that offer advantages to the bettor and the seller. But it bothers me that people sell an idea of success and competence under extremely very flimsy foundations.

Educational Process


Someone may argue: But don’t you believe in the educational process? Otherwise there would be no schools, colleges, etc.! I do believe but here things are different. We are not talking about educational and professional training but about an extremely competitive scenario.

A scenario where some people say they have discovered the money tree in Trading. But instead of taking advantage of it, they decided to sell seedlings of the tree. For someone who didn’t believe in humanity anymore, that is a very noble gesture.

But the thing gets even more strange when we enter in online trading websites like Mercado Livre, OLX, Google, or even Facebook groups. Just type in sports trading and tens of thousands of offers appear from the most diverse courses, from the most diverse authors. Some offers for very low values like 1 real.

The slogans used by such specialists also raise suspicion. Using the cheapest strategies of digital marketing and established pyramidists they appeal to photos showing success, blocks of money, betslips bets that never made to try to seduce the customer.

Have a fixed income from football, earn up to 4,000 reais per month watching football games, millions already earn a living with football come you too. Kick the crisis to the side with sports trading.

So many slogans, so much ease. So many promises and efforts for such a perfect formula to make money.

Do they make money?

man earnings

Are there traders that make money with sports trading? There are. In the same number as all the other types of professionals and for what I know they are not willing to sell their strategies on the market so easily.

Be careful with false promises. Don’t look for easy profit and don’t look for the money tree. Because if someone had discovered it, he would not use the most trampy digital marketing strategies as a launching formula to sell it on the internet.

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